okay..i bet you won't know who i am. so, lets skip the introducing part. yeah. i'm trying to write down all the things i can't say by my mouth because i don't know how to say them. i just wanna write and feel relieve.

Friday, June 18

you're important to me

you're important to me because we share laughters. sometimes we share regular laughters, but at times we laugh over things that no one but us can find the humor in. that's my favorite kind of laughter and you are my favorite person to share it with
you're important to me because we share tears. sometimes they are regular tears, but at times they are private ones that only we can share and understand. those are the most important kind and i'm thankful that i have you to share them with.
you're important to me because we can share any secrets and know that whether or not we agree with it, its in safe keeping. i know that i can tell you things i could never tell anyone else.
you're important to me because we can share hopes and dreams. when we share them.....we know that we have someone who supports each other, believes in what we want, and who will hope as much as we do that our dreams can come true.
ya know that you are so important to me, there is no person in the world who could ever take your place in my life.
there is no one i'd rather laugh or cry with or share my innermost thoughts with, and there is absolutely no one i'd rather have as my very special boyfriend.
Love you, Jul!

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