okay..i bet you won't know who i am. so, lets skip the introducing part. yeah. i'm trying to write down all the things i can't say by my mouth because i don't know how to say them. i just wanna write and feel relieve.

Wednesday, July 22

Dream Day Wedding; Married in Manhattan-----Engaged

12 years later................

I can't believe I am writing this, but Arief and I are engaged. Engaged to be, yes, married. It feels like I've been laughing and crying and calling people for days. I am so happy it's just silly, is what it is. I want to get the details down on paper while it's still fresh in my mind! Along with a memento, of course......... dinner at Coney Island :p
The whole day was magical. Arief had been doing a lot of planning, and I still don't know he pulled it all off! Of course, even tough he knew all along he was going to pop the question, I was completely clueless, so I nearly derailed his plans. But true love won out. The question was popped (and answered) at........ Coney Island! We arrived at Coney Island and Arief had an itinerary-ride the roller coaster(hhhh), walk on the boardwalk, get hot dogs and lemonade.....but it started pouring rain! Pouring. I was wearing a sundress and sandals, and I started complaining right away. We took cover inside the arcade and I figured we'd hit the mini-basketball hoops. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, so there was a line. Anoter thing for me to complain about (whoops). We played some games, then I wandered off for a while, and when I found Arief again he handed me....... A box of Cracker Jack. Arief knows I love Cracker Jack! I took the box and tore right in, going straight for the prize. But I couldn't find it! 'There's no prize in here', I muttered. 'WHAT?' Arief yelled. I couldn't figure out why he was so worried about it, but he started jamming his hand inside and spilling my delicious snack all over the ground. Suddenly he yelled, 'I FOUND IT!' and pulled the small wrapped prize out. 'It was stuck to the side', he explained, sweating. I took it - it was kind of heavy and lumpy. I ripped it open, and I saw a ring. But instead of a plastic ring with a plastic gem, it's a platinum ring with a diamond on top. Arief looked at me, and asked me to marry him. Best Cracker Jack ever :3